Partnership Program

Omega Solutions is continuing to build their Partnership Program for IBM ISVs. Teaming with Omega allows the ISV to focus on its core competencies while Omega carries out the procurement of the IBM Power Systems portion of the solution. This of course only applies if there is a pain point associated with managing the hardware part of their business. The ISV partners with Omega so that we become responsible for the configuration, procurement, delivery and installation of the IBM hardware related to the ISV’s solution.


The main benefits to the Independent Software Vendor:

  • Maintain net profitability, Omega pays a portion of the profit to ISV.
  • Increase profitable software sales.
  • Allow employees to focus on core business
  • Eliminate time spent on less profitable and productive portions of your business
  • Decrease overhead costs associated with hardware
  • Leverage Omega to manage upgrades among your customer base, generating shared profits, and increased software upgrades.